Practical info


When you arrive at the airport there are “prepaid” taxis to take you to our hotel, a journey of about 500INR. (for recent exchange rate, check: We recommend using them as it is a fixed price. To do so, go to the counter for prepaid taxis, provide them with the address of the hotel, pay for your trip, go to the taxis and then enjoy the view as they take you to the hotel. The transport for all day trips and train trips are included. When you your book, specify what you want to do after 12 days: go back home or explore India further. A train trip back to the starting point is also included.

Insurance & Health

It is required to have travel insurance when you book a yoga travel with us. Check with your doctor if you need any vaccinations for your travel. The hygiene conditions in India are different from western standards; you cannot drink the tap water, or use it for brushing your teeth and avoid ice cubes in your drinks. It is recommended to bring medicines for intestinal disorders and rehydration tablets.

Country information

The weather conditions in India are dependent on the season. October – March are the best months to travel as this is outside the monsoon season. With the exception of North India which during the summer months is pleasant to stay there. Many locals go there themselves to escape the heat.

Travel Documents

Your passport must be valid on arrival in India and then for at least 6 months. In addition you need to apply for a tourist visa in plenty of time. (Check for more details). It is very wise to make copies of your travel documents.

Money matters

For the latest exchange rate, you can visit Cash machines / ATMs are everywhere in the big cities and therefore you don’t need to bring INR cash with you.